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Sydney City Tree Works are a team of professionals, our friendly and reliable staff are willing and able to attend to all your tree removal needs. Our prompt service and state of the art equipment allow us to perform our job with maximum efficiency whilst providing an outstanding result.



Emergency Tree Removal Services

Emergency tree removal services often prove to be difficult jobs that require immediate attention to limit further damage and ensure your safety. Our team is specially trained in storm damage removal as it requires a different set of skills to those of regular tree work.

When you call for an emergency tree removal, our team responds to emergency calls both quickly and efficiently, our qualified Arborists will come out and evaluate the worksite and an identification hazard assessment will be conducted and carried out to locate any potential hazards that need to be removed forming a seclusion zone to secure the worksite. Once the worksite has been secured, the works will be conducted and completed along with an assement of the condition and stability of the tree.


Stump Removal

After the tree has been cut, the stump is generally a minor part of th trunk that remains behind with all the roots still left in the ground. Stump removal could be very important due to a number of reasons, one being future tree growth typically with many other little sprouts that form around the stump which result in small trees. With stump grinding its important to know the roots typically extend underneath the ground as far as the branches did above, it requires experience and various sized machinery to suit the access and stump size that will help us recieve the perfect result that our customers are happy with.


Avant loader hire

At sydney city tree works we hire out our Avant loader with a qualified operator to help ensure you get your job done faster, we also do hire packages with a truck and woodchipper. Please contact us for more information


ALL Tree Removals

BIG or SMALL / Commercial or residential

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If your in need of any tree removal service you can rely on Sydney City Tree Works to ensure customer satisfication at very competitive and affordable prices

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