Who We Are

Established in 1962, Landscaping WP Company proudly serves all major markets, as one of the leading full-service providers for high-end residential estates and commercial landscaping. Landscaping WP is made up of nearly 200 highly skilled landscape experts, including a permanent team of professional turf grass and horticulture managers, landscape designers, chemical technicians, and floriculturists.


Company History

Our company began as a small yard care service. The demand for our services quickly increased, and within a few months we had hired our first employee. By the end of our first year, we had doubled our staff, and were providing full-service maintenance to commercial as well as residential customers. And by now our company was offering complete landscaping services.

Our Philosophy

Landscaping WP was founded on and continues to operate under the principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, professionalism, and progressive. We are committed to operating as a sustainable business, to providing innovative services. Our company will continue to provide superior service and exceptional results to our clients, while maintaining a continued sense of pride in our employees.

Emergency Tree Removal Services


Emergency tree removal services often prove to be difficult jobs that require immediate attention to limit further damage and ensure your safety. Our team is specially trained in storm damage removal as it requires a different set of skills to those of regular tree work.

When you call for an emergency tree removal, our team responds to emergency calls both quickly and efficiently, our qualified Arborists will come out and evaluate the worksite and an identification hazard assessment will be conducted and carried out to locate any potential hazards that need to be removed forming a seclusion zone to secure the worksite. Once the worksite has been secured, the works will be conducted and completed. Assess the condition and stability of the tree visually.


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